Aims and Scope

  • Expanding the boundaries of knowledge in the fields of strategic evaluation of general policies and the vision document;
  • Development of the current monitoring and evaluation theories and constructing new theories;
  • Transferring and exchange of new scientific achievements at international level, and publishing global experiences on how to monitor and evaluate macro policies and prospects;
  • Publication of findings in the field of strategic evaluation of macro policies and realization of the goals of the vision document;
  • Comparative studies in the field of general policies between Iran and the countries mentioned in the vision document;
  • Becoming the main reference for simple and combined indicators of macro and strategic monitoring and evaluations;
  • Making resources and references available for use by professors, students, administrators and authorities; and helping officials and senior managers in decision making and solving major problems of the country;
  • Promotion and development of a monitoring and evaluation guideline for the development of the country;
  • Creating a suitable framework for presenting new ideas in the field of macro and strategic monitoring and evaluation, and directing research into this field.